Will you make it into the Bible?

I’m just wondering to myself.


How am I living my life as a follower of Christ?

Would the story of my life fit inside the Bible?

If people were to read my story, would they find it in accordance with the theme of the Bible, or would it be found to be strangely out of place?


The stories of the early believers fit very well in the Bible. They believed in Jesus, and they lived like Jesus. They saw and believed in the Resurrection of Jesus, and they went to the grave telling people about the Gospel. They believed that they are the Body of Christ, and they sold their possessions and shared with one another. They believed that we ought to love one another, and they did love one another.

When people read about the early believers, they know that these believers actually saw Jesus died and rose again because their lives reflected that. If they actually did see Jesus rose, don’t you think the way they lived makes sense? Their stories fit perfectly well in the Bible.

Would people see that in my life? Does my life tell a story of my conviction in the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Would it people find my life story natural or would people think that mine is a story mistakenly added into the Bible?

Will my story make it into the Bible?

At this point of time, I think that my story wouldn’t make it into the Bible. However, I’m striving to live a life that when people see, they say, “Little Christ”.


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