He Treasures

2nd – 20th April 2012
It’s the end of my three weeks of internship. Walking for 20 minutes to and fro the tram stop and work place will not be a feature of my daily routine anymore.
Though it sounds torrid the walk, it actually is quite the contrary. It is my talking time with the Most High. My making-up-song time for Him. His whisper-in-my-ear time with me. It is a treasure.
Once, a colleague offered to fetch me to work. After doing it three times, I missed my quiet time with my Lord. I thought of telling him I’d walk, but didn’t know how. The Lord did the bidding for me. My colleague told me he would be taking the whole week off. Praise God.
Another colleague, on the final day told me he’d walk with me through an easier and faster route. I didn’t want my final day of internship to be done without my quiet time with Him. I didn’t meet this colleague on the tram, so I still had to walk the normal route alone. I was glad.
I wondered about these things. And my Lord said to me, ” Because I treasure this quiet time with you too.”
How small do I feel after those words.
Thank you Jesus.

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