The same power that conquered the grave
Lives in me, Lives in me
Your love that rescued the earth
Lives in me, lives in me

-You Are Here (Same Power) by Hillsong

This is the power we have in fighting the trials, the problems, the habits and the sins we are having in our life.

This is the power we have in reaching our vision, in serving God, in reaching out to people.

This is the power we have to overcome our weaknesses, to overcome rejection, to overcome critism, to overcome being put down by people.

We should be living in realisation of God’s presence in our life, and go on to victory.


Just an Experience?

I was asking myself what is the difference between two person who got the same experience but only one manage to sustain the fire, while the other return back to pre-experience mode?

I think it’s simply this. The first one took the experience and made it into an attitude while the other one just lived on the experience alone.

Experience or feeling can only bring you so far. Once the memory fades a little, so would your fire. You have nothing else to hold on to except the past. Feeling wouldn’t help set the path ahead for you unless you make it to.

And that’s when you turn experience into attitude. Attitude points to the future. It doesn’t live in the past. It does not require you to look back in order to feel the fire. Attitude helps you to find your fire in the future. You have a reason for doing what you’re doing and keep doing it.

This is what I need to remember. I pray that what I got from Festival wasn’t just an experience, but an attitude. Because, I want to run this race long and finish it for Jesus. Nothing else.

Where The Love Last Forever

Your mercy found me,
Upon the broken road,
And lifted me beyond my failing,
Into Your glory,
My sin and shame dissolved,
And now forever Yours I’ll stand.

In love never to end,
To call You more than Lord,
Glorious friend.

So I throw my life upon all You are,
‘Cause I know You gave it all for me,
And when all else fades,
My soul will dance with You,
Where the love lasts forever.

Your mercy found me,
Upon the broken road,
And lifted me beyond my failing,
Into Your glory,
My sin and shame dissolved,
And now forever Yours I’ll stand.

And forever I will sing,
Lord forever I will sing,
Of how You gave Your life away,
Just to save me, Lord You saved me.

With You, where the love lasts forever.

– Hillsong, More Than Life –


Cloudy. Sometimes, your enthusiasm can be shrouded by the cloud of disappointment and discouragement.

Thunderstorm. At times, your motivation is derailed by the zipzap of all the activities around you.

Rain. Other times, you are just burdened by the pouring of workloads and expectation till you forget the joy of serving.


Lord, you are my tower of refuge. Where shall I go to when disappointment, discouragement, expectations and tasks seem intent on coming between my eyes and you? Lord, you are my strength. Lord, you are my comfort. You are the reason why I fight on. Because, oh Lord, you are the reason why I started anyway. If you don’t say stop, I shan’t stop. I am made but to please you.

Even if things were to not work as it should, I will still hang on and not give up. Lord I don’t need to know who else is for me, when I know you’re for me. I don’t need to depend on what others think if I know what you think. I don’t need to see others smile, if I know that you’re smiling. I don’t need to be afraid if I know that you’re going right before me.

Lord, I smile. I smile at your smile. I pray that I can always make you smile. I’m too silly. Sometimes I raise your eyebrows a lil. Sometimes you are forced to shake your head at what I do. Sometimes, my mind is everywhere bar on you. Sometimes, I try so hard to focus on you that I end up somewhere else. Sometimes, I don’t even listen to you anymore.

I’m silly. And you’re gracious. Way too gracious for me. I don’t deserve. Thank you. You’re amazing. I can’t stop. You have called. I will go. I want you to smile. Smile at me. Smile, Lord. Teach me. Discipline me. Why are you so patient with me? Why do you even care? Why do you even love me? Who am I? Why me? Wrong starting point. It’s Who Are You that matters. I cannot believe it. Lost in words. Lost in wonders. It’s you, Lord. It’s you. It’s your love. Your Love.

I surrender. These are all yours. And I can only worship you.

Father, here I am again.Waiting for your rainbow.



June 27, 2010.

That was a year ago. June 27, 2010 was the day that I almost drowned in a lake.

God saved me and gave me a second chance to live. It was an unforgettable experience and feeling.

I guess it was the physical representation of my emotional going at that moment. God sent people to pull me out of the water in both situation.

My God provides a way and he saves.

Lord, I want to thank you for your help and your faithfulness. I want to thank you for turning everything around so dramatically.

‘Heart’ as stone.

‘If God were to turn all of the world’s guns into flowers, skeptics would question the historicity of the event.  Some would doubt that the guns themselves morphed into flowers, and would consider themselves more reasonable to conclude that the gun-owners of the world were either part of an Operation Flower conspiracy or were themselves deceived.  Other skeptics would grant that the guns did turn into flowers, but would postulate that it was more likely the handiwork of aliens than an as-of-yet unproven God.  Still others would grant that it was God who turned the guns into flowers, and that it is unethical to worship such a God who would so callously leave millions and millions of soldiers around the world unemployed as their militaries were suddenly out of business.  And, two thousand years into the future, skeptics would point to the “Story of the Rifled Roses” as a legend circulated by a superstitious people—a majority of the present world’s population (depending the source, 60-80%) is, after all, theistic.’

Taken from .

Luke 11:29-32. You will never believe that God exist if your heart is set on being a sceptic. Nothing is ever going to convince you. People only want to be entertained and amused, not transformed. Heart, hard as stone.

Sometimes, It Still Does

Sometimes, it still does hurt.

I need to learn to forgive. But it wasn’t nice what you did.

Should I pour out to get better or should i keep it to get better?

God, come again and help me.